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  • Seán Ryan

Meet Joey Cottenden: PACENOTE Team Manager.

The PACENOTE operation is a very tightly run ship, and so it will come as no surprise to you that there is an experienced team of professionals working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything within the team runs smoothly. In this series of features, we will be taking a look at these individuals, who they are, what they do, and how they came to be a part of the PACENOTE team.

Image Credit: Motormouth Events.

Joey Cottenden is a Team Manager in the PACENOTE team. Originally from Bolton, the 20-year-old currently resides in Liverpool, where he is partaking in his undergraduate studies in Business Management at John Moores University.

His Esports journey began as many of ours did, playing random online races on Codemasters’ Formula 1 series of games. From there, he discovered the massive community present in the Formula 1 space, and he began racing competitively on the amateur scene, where his talents were duly noted.

A move up the ladder to Enosia Esports was quick to follow from this, and after a brief spell there, he decided to move on to Team Shazoo. Seeking a new challenge, Cottenden took on the role of Manager within the team, a role that would pay great dividends going forward. He stayed with Team Shazoo for over two years, which saw him take charge of hundreds of races and events to all varying levels of success, with the peak of this coming when he was able to send seven of the drivers he managed to the F1 Esports Challengers, under his leadership. This all allowed him to establish a great presence within the racing Esports community, building a reputation for himself, and garnering a large social media following.

With his mission considered complete at Shazoo, Cottenden was looking to move up the ranks, and with the formation of PACENOTE, he was sent the application by a mutual friend of both he and Tobin Leigh. Impressed with his achievements to date, Leigh was thrilled to have such an experienced and accomplished manager look to work with him, and he did not hesitate to offer him the role of Team Manager at PACENOTE. Since he has signed with the team, Cottenden is in charge of all affiliated clients and their event rosters, ensuring that the drivers know exactly when they are racing, and deciding which competitions they will race in. He also works very closely with Leigh, ensuring both his thoughts and the thoughts of the drivers are heard, and aiding any way he can to ensure PACENOTE grows and expands in all the right ways.

Looking to the future, Cottenden is hoping he can achieve great success with PACENOTE. With several high-level and well-known clients already part of the team, he is hard at work ensuring that high standards are kept and victories are achieved. With his experience and background, it is safe to say that the future looks bright for both parties.



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