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  • Seán Ryan

Blakeley Takes Podium in Latest GB4 Outing

Lucas Blakeley, the F1 Esports champion, made another mark on the motorsport world last weekend by securing a podium finish at Donington Park.

Photo Credit - Mat Acton

The 21-year-old was the latest esports driver to race in competitive real world machinery, when he took a seat in the GB4 championship with the KMR Motorsport team for their round at Donington Park.

Blakelely started off strong, finishing third place in both Thursday practice sessions, before the final session, along with all of Friday’s running, was cancelled due to the weather conditions.

His run of form would continue into qualifying, where he finished an impressive fifth place in the session.

An exceptional performance in the first race saw the F1 Esports champion take home a third place finish in the first race, followed by two solid fifth place finishes in the other two races.

The results achieved by the esports racer have certainly done a lot to bridge the gap between virtual racing and real world motorsport. For many years now, many have cited that esports racers are not prepared for the mental and physical demands that come with piloting an actual race car. However, Blakeley perfectly demonstrated at the weekend that this is not necessarily the case.

Photo Credit - Mat Acton

At PACENOTE, we're committed to supporting talent that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world racing. Our sponsorship of Lucas Blakeley for the GB4 Championship at Donington Park was more than just a partnership; it was a statement. We believe that esports drivers have the skill set to succeed in traditional motorsports. Lucas's performance this weekend has already started to prove that point, and we're excited about what the future holds.

The esports industry is one that has been booming in recent years, and with motorsport having such a high crossover rate in terms of skill and ability, success in the real world was going to happen in a matter of time.

Here at PACENOTE, we believe that esports has the potential to create an avenue of opportunity into the real world and begin many racing drivers’ careers through the medium of gaming. Lucas achieving such success so early on in his career showcases to us that it can be done, and given time and the right funding and attention given to it, this could very well be seen as a viable starting point for many more racing drivers to come.

We're at a pivotal point of virtual and traditional racing. It's essential to act now, not just to celebrate Lucas's success but to pave the way for future racers. PACENOTE is committed to supporting these talents as they transition to real-world motorsports, aiming for success on the track.

Are you a brand interested in the leap from virtual to real-world motorsports? Reach out to us to explore partnership opportunities.



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