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Navigating the Esports World: My Path from Gamer to Entrepreneur

Growing up, I dreamt of being a racing driver. Like many, I quickly learned that motorsport wasn't easy on the wallet. So, instead of hitting the tracks, I turned to the next best thing: racing games on consoles.

It wasn't long before I discovered a whole world of gamers out there, just like me. Together, we raced, competed, and connected over our shared passion. With time and practice, I got really good, especially at games like the Formula One series and Forza.

2017 was a game-changer. ESL launched the ForzaRC, a big esports tournament with an even bigger prize pool. I took a chance and entered. To my surprise, I walked away with a $50 prize in my very first competition. My enthusiasm only grew from there. I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to race at the 24h Le Mans, where Forza was hosting a grand tournament. Competing with the best, I was thrilled to secure the 13th spot globally.

Tobin Leigh (Right), stood on the podium having won a ForzaRC tournament in Seattle, 2017.

University was a balance between studying and esports. I represented professional esports teams and even signed up for a business management course because I could see the huge potential in the esports business world.

After graduating, I landed a role with Veloce Esports, managing the McLaren Shadow team. I even got to work on launching Quadrant, the gaming and lifestyle brand of F1 Driver Lando Norris. This experience taught me so much about how to build and run successful teams and organizations in esports.

With McLaren Shadow, my role was more than just management. I was mentoring, training, and helping players reach their full potential. One of our proudest moments was winning the 2022 F1 Esports Championship. Our trophy now sits right next to McLaren's F1 trophies!

But after reaching such a milestone, I felt it was time for a new adventure. I started PACENOTE. My vision? To share my esports expertise and help brands see the great opportunities esports can offer.

At PACENOTE, we're all about unlocking the opportunity presented by esports & gaming. Join us on this exciting journey!



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