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Here to help you maximise your Sim Racing investment.


With years of experience in the Sim Racing industry, Pacenote is your new go-to partner for all things racing. Whether you're a business looking to grow, or a talented professional seeking career advice, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.


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For new and established businesses wanting to maximize their Esports investment.

Business Strategy and Planning

Operational and Organizational Support

Event Planning and Management

Branding and Marketing

Talent Scouting and Management

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Pacenote Logo Final_Icon MAIN REVERSE.png


For players, creators and staff. Built for the top 0.1%, available for all.

Career Advice, Mentorship and Management

Mental Performance

Sponsorship, Marketing and PR Procurement

Training, Coaching and Performance Analysis

Social Media and Content Support

Simulator and Setup Configuration

Founded By

Tobin Leigh


Discover how Tobin Leigh's expertise as a top-level Sim Racing Esports player, coupled with his leadership roles at McLaren Shadow and Quadrant, can give you the edge you need in the fast-paced and competitive world of Sim Racing Esports.


Nathan Tague

Head of Sim-Racing, G2 Esports
"In terms of the sim racing esports landscape. There aren't many that know the space better than Tobin. From 3 years of top level competition as a professional player, to managing title winning esports operations, Tobin has accomplished huge things in his relatively short career due to his work ethic, industry knowledge and player relations
He was a pleasure to manage, willing to accept new ideas and implement them as well as challenge the status quo where he felt there were options available to us that we perhaps hadn't explored from his perspective. His drive for self improvement is what sets him apart from others."
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Joel Chapman

Specialist, Esports & Gaming, McLaren Racing
"I worked closely with Tobin during his time at Veloce and it was always a pleasure. He was fantastic in managing our drivers and performance-focused personnel and has a great ability to motivate a team, be a calming figure during high-pressure moments, and ensure the team comes together to stay focused on the objective.

He is a strong communicator, great at working with people, and highly respected by all members of the team. I can strongly recommend working with Tobin."
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Jamie MacLaurin

Chief Gaming Officer & Co-Founder of Veloce and Quadrant
"Tobin’s understanding and knowledge of the esports industry comes highly recommended. Having competed as a player and managed teams/players, he’s uniquely positioned within the space to add value and we enjoyed having him in the company for a number of excellent years."
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No matter where you are in your Sim Racing journey, we would love to help. 

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